Sunday, 21 April 2013

Postmodern feminism - Women burning bras?

This video doesn't really explain postmodern feminism very well but i found it interesting how it focuses on the way most peoples view of feminism is that of a middle class woman burning bras. This video crudely says that 'women want mens peckers chopped off, then we'll be equal'. Blunt as this may seem, this video shows a biased review of feminism and that the media don't focus on any other womens rights (like the women in lesser privileged countries).

Postmodern feminism thanks to this video has been shown as a group of middle aged white women who always have something to 'bitch and moan' about. Personally i don't think this is correct but i can understand how some people might think that. Overall this i think goes back to the underlying ideologies of postmodernity being able to express your views and break away from the traditional.

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The word ‘post’ in postmodernism suggests that it comes after modernism, however both postmodernism and modernism both exist together at the same time. Modernism seeks to give meaning and solid definitions to what things are while postmodernism denies the rules laid by modernism.
Postmodernism denies the existance of scientifc, philosophical or religious truths to explain everything for everybody, while modernism seeks to give meaning and solid definitions to what things are while postmodernism denies the rules laid by modernism. It allows for personal interpretation, with personal experience being placed above abstract principles which paradoxically means that postmodernism can not truly be defined.
Postmodernism spans various different disciplines including art, culture, architecture, literature, entertainment, technology ect, and focuses on de-structered humanity meaning that disorder and fragmentation are acceptable represention of reality for postmodernists. Modernists viewed this view of fragmented humanity as bad while postmodernists seems to celebrate this, accepting ambiguity.
There are no final truths or definitions in postmodernism, it is an attempt to give new meanings and interpretations to everything.
Throughout the coming weeks we are going to explore how postmodernism is evident in various different aspects in our society in an attempt to better understand what postmodernism is and how it affects our lives. We will be looking at examples of postmodernism in pop-culture and entertainment, feminism, architecture, and art and design movements.